Help Us Bring Solar Panels to Alberta Communities

Solar4All wants more solar energy in Alberta. Our goal is to make solar power available to every Albertan who wants it — every house, apartment, farm, business, First Nation, and Métis settlement. That’s why we call our campaign Solar4All.

Alberta is prime country for solar energy. Panels installed in Alberta receive on average about 50% more sunlight than panels installed in Germany — a country where solar energy is booming.

Alberta photovoltaic potential mapThat means photovoltaic panels operate here at high efficiency. High efficiency means lots of clean, low-cost power provided by the sun. It also means economic benefits for all who invest in solar power.

The price of solar energy has also fallen dramatically in recent years. A recent Pembina Institute study estimates the drop at 90 percent since 1983, with the levelized cost per kilowatt-hour falling from $2.00 (USD) to about $0.05.

Alberta’s Next Economic Boom

Solar energy can fuel the next Alberta economic boom. All it takes is a little modernization.

#AlbertaJobsWe need to adopt government regulations that encourage the growth of solar. We need to create a place in our energy system for solar co-operatives. We need to open up solar investments so communities can join forces with utility companies.

Solar4All wants to encourage this modernization. We want to bring solar power, solar jobs and solar economic benefits to all Alberta communities.

To achieve our goals, we are engaging Albertans this summer as advocates for solar-friendly government policies. We will appear at public locations throughout the province with educational materials and and friendly volunteers, who will explain how solar power works and why it’s good for all of us.

Alberta Avenue Community League Hall

Alberta Avenue Community League Hall. Courtesy Solar Energy Society of Alberta.

Best of all, we have postcards you can sign to tell your MLA how much you support solar energy in your community. Check out our Events page to find out where we’ll be.

Can’t wait to meet us and sign a postcard? Then sign our online petition  or business pledge now and share it on social media.

For our part, we can’t wait to meet you!

— The Solar4All Team

How you can help make Solar4All a reality in Alberta

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