Clean Energy Alternatives

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

We currently heavily subsidize the fossil fuel sector. Canada alone provides over $2.7 billion US every year.

Shouldn’t we also give a little support to renewable energy? Community-owned solar not only helps us lower our power bills, but it creates jobs, reduces pollution, and diversifies our economy.

Clean, Reliable Solar Technology

Solar energy is a clean, reliable technology.

Accurate resource forecasting, smart grid technology, and advances in energy storage have all made the idea that solar is not dependable sorely outdated. Solar can help diversify our electricity grid and make the entire system more reliable.

Solar works well in cold climates because photovoltaic systems are more efficient at low temperatures. In fact, Alberta gets comparable sun hours to cities like Rio and Mexico City. Calgary and Edmonton are among the top three sunniest cities in Canada. Alberta is the perfect place for a solar revolution.

Finally, solar panels are a clean technology that does not rely on rare minerals. Most solar panels use silicon — in other words, sand.

Solar Energy and Jobs

The oil and gas sector is currently undergoing a painful contraction. Low oil prices have severely dampened employment and economic growth in our province.

There’s not much the Alberta government can do about low oil prices. What the government can do is work to create jobs, and one of the best ways to do that is to speed Alberta’s solar uptake.